Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beechworth Camp Thursday 10th

Today we headed to Beechworth Cemetery which was originally In the middle of Beechworth until someone (I think a City Planner or Politics) Said I dont want dead people In the middle of town so governments moved the  cemetery to far outside Beechworth. It still creeps me out that the bodies could be still there. CREEEEEPY. And still freaks me out that In the middle of the night you could see a frozen girl that looks like she has the head a Battle Droid and a white dress and a dog behind her and a creepy man with her Is FROZEN. Its like the Scary Mary, Anyway this Is freaking me out so here Is a photo of one of the sights. Anyway about the Cemetery at the start of the tour the guide started talking about when the cemetery was established and about some of the solders and many notables buried. And the guide was like "BORING". There was different kinds which was kinda interesting to the first burial to the newest one. At the the Burke Museum I did this puzzle and the place looked cool and the remakes of Ned Kelly's Face and Armour was great. the real Armour Is in the State Library Of Victoria and the face is at Melbourne Gaol. After headed to Beechworth Sweet Company and went on a shopping spree! First thing chose was Sour Patch Kids, Chewy Fruit Mix, Red Skins. The shopping spree was crazy that I spent ALL my money. After I went to Beechworth Court (For a Tour) and got to stand at the Prisoners Dock which Ned Kelly was when he was on Trial. I kinda think Ned Kelly was half hero half villain. After headed back to Old Priory for the Movie Mania which turned up to be a DISCO which PARTY ROCK TURNED ON and everyone danced and jumped around like hell and went crazy!!!. the disco was great on the final night of school camp!.  

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