Saturday, November 30, 2013

DVD Player Hack!

Monday, April 29, 2013

This term Level 4's inquiry topic is about Astronomy and other Space stuff. Here is a list of the order of the planets 


This is my crazy saying to remember the planets 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raft Building At Campaspe Downs

At Campaspe Downs my favourite activity was Raft Building. My group constructed a raft with wood and milk cartons. The milk cartons and rope made the raft heavier. We paddled around the lake which was like canoeing and we then reached the island and stayed on the island for a while then sailed away.

Later Alessandro got off the raft then Jem and Wes went off too and swam away. I mistakes them that they where drowning or something and attempted to save them and paddled as fast as possible, but the raft was going quite slow and i teared the raft apart and left myself with a floating piece of wood and ropes and cartons around the raft. 

The raft did go lighter and i sailed over and Jem and Wes swam over to the raft and i was like "i saved your lives" and celebrated happily. Alessandro was still floating in the middle of the lake and we paddled to him and tried to save him. Later on i fell of the raft and was floating in the middle of the lake but then Kieran and Oscar paddled in their canoe came passed me and let me in their canoe. 

My group was leaving to our next activity so Kieran and Oscar paddled me to shore and my group had to tear the raft apart and it turned out i already teared of one half of the raft. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Creepy Woman

Today I was at the mall and while I was in a store,some creep woman starts staring at my with creepy eyes. I then left the store in a huff and the woman starts following me.

I eventually ended up hiding in a Apple Store then in another store's change room locked. I told her i would call the police.

I few minutes later I then peeked under and she was still there! 😱

I then stayed there for a heck of a long time and checked with the clerk if the creep stalker woman was still there and eventually she left.

HAHA I'm such a rat ass!

(Based On A True Story)